Dance Genres


3155 genres Most little girls love dressing up as a ballerina or fairytale character and this discipline allows them to do that whilst aiming to teach them correct posture, poise, muscle tone and co-ordination together with building an awareness of musical styles and interpretation, creativity and performance skills. We work towards exams from the age of 6 but classes can start from 212 years upwards (Classes for 212years to school age pupils are called Pre School Dance)


Classes give us the time to work towards developing technique and strength before actually going on Pointe. Once there, precise training is given to ensure safe and correct pointe skills are achieved. Pupils can join this class from Grade 4 upwards. 3124 genres

Body Conditioning

3178 genres A very popular and crucial class that works on the strength and flexibility a dancers body needs. Exercises are based on popular Pilates and Yoga methods which are used by professional dancers world-wide. Students who take this class see a more rapid progression through examination grades and overall are capable of achieving a higher standard of work. Suitable from Grade 1 upwards.


A dance method that can be enjoyed by all ages! Brought to us by American theatre of the twenties and firmly fixed in our culture now. New tap syllabi, based on the American method, has been introduced by the ISTD to reflect the recent popularity of tap in various areas of entertainment. Classes develop a sense of rhythm, timing, control and co-ordination. Creativity is encouraged from a young age by the introduction of improvisation sections throughout the grades. Pupils can now tap to a variety of musical styles – everything from hip-hop to reggae! Exams can be taken from age 5 but classes start from age 412. 3019 genres


3223 genres This is the most up-to-date dance form and is very popular with students. Dances are performed mainly to pop music. Although we follow the ISTD syllabus and do exams for Bronze, Silver and Gold medals – this is combined with freework which highlights the teachers individual choreographic flair. Advanced free Jazz classes are held for students who have passed all medal exams but want to continue to develop a strong Jazz style.Exams can be taken from age 9 but classes start from age 8.


This discipline derives from Ballet. Classes use exercises and dance movements which teach the principles of modern technique resulting in a varied dance style – e.g. Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and other styles. Exams can be taken from age 6 but classes start from age 412. 2981 genres

Pre School Dance Class

2981 genres This is open to all children from the ages of 212 to when they enter full time education (at this point classes are separated into individual genres). Our classes are based on the very popular Melody Movement syllabus. This is a music and movement program of creative and inspiring dance classes devised especially for pre school children. Lessons are well structured to develop pupils natural movements – Skipping, jumping, running, spinning – as well as learning the basic technique required for both ballet and modern styles. Each class focuses on a theme such as a toy box or the growth of a flower. Props and specially composed music are also used to capture a child’s imagination. Reward stickers and charts record pupil’s progress. If you would like further information about the Melody Movement syllabus visit –

Tip Tap Toe –tap classes for pre school children

A fun introduction to tap dancing with themes and stories to introduce tempo, rhythm, beats, patterns and steps. Children will love exploring these principals of music and dance in a ‘journey into tap’ featuring rhythms inspired by musical genres as diverse Big Band, Rock n’ Roll, Disco, Show Tune, Hawaiian Hula-Hula, Cheerleader and others. Tip Tap toe classes are suitable for ages 2 ½ to 4 ½.

Little Bear Feet – parent and toddler classes

2981 genres Little Bear Feet with Melody Bear classes are the perfect introduction to dance and movement for little girls and boys age 12 months upwards. The joys of dancing and singing are shared by teacher, parent and toddler as together they join Melody Bear in her journey to Nursery Rhyme Land. How will she get there? Will it be by aeroplane, car or flying carpet? Who will she meet? Will it be Humpty Dumpty or Mary Mary Quite Contrary? Delightful interpretations of traditional, familiar nursery rhymes together with new music and songs inspire children’s natural zest for dance, movement and self expression. The use of props, mime, songs and rhymes enrich and charm the budding dancers as they take their first steps into the magical world of Melody Bear

Adult Classes

We hold various adult classes in each of our branches. Please contact Miss. Williamson for information