Fox King Fee Scale 2020-2021

REMEMBER: Payment is in advance in blocks of TWELVE WEEKS

Basic Rates

1/2 hour lesson£57.00 per term£4.75 per lesson
3/4 hour lesson£75.00 per term£6.25 per lesson
1 hour lesson£84.00 per term£7.00 per lesson
1 1/4 hour lesson£87.00 per term£7.25 per lesson
1 1/2 hour lesson£90.00 per term£7.50 per lesson
Little Bear Feet£84.00 per term£7.00 per lesson
FK Babes£84.00 per term£7.00 per lesson
FK Cubs£87.00 per term£7.25 per lesson
Surgery Lessons£36.00 per term£3.00 per lesson
Junior Intensive Scheme£475.00 per term (details below)
Senior Intensive Scheme£510.00 per term (details below)
Vocational Intensive Scheme£550.00 per term (details below)

Discount Scale

Discounts will apply according to the total of your family’s bill. All discount calculations will be clearly shown on your invoice.

1 class taken per weekNo discount
2 classes taken per week2% discount
3 classes taken per week3% discount
4 classes taken per week4% discount
5,6,7 classes taken per week5% discount
8 classes taken per week10% discount


  • Fees are due by the beginning of week 3
  • Discounts will be forfeited for bills unpaid by week 5 of term, and a £5 late payment fee will be added to the bill
  • A 10% admin charge will be applied to bills unpaid by week 8

Standing Order Payments

If your bill is over £130.00 per term, you can pay by standing order, thereby spreading the cost over 12 months (September-August) If you would like to pay your bill this way, please contact the office before the beginning of term.


Our invoices are sent out by email via Membermeister (our invoice system) during the first week of term. If you need your bill posted for whatever reason, there is a supplementary charge of £2.50.

Private Lessons

1/2 hour solo lesson£19.00
3/4 hour solo lesson£25.50
1 hour solo lesson£32.50
1/2 hour duet lesson£11.00 each
3/4 hour duet lesson£14.00 each
1 hour duet lesson£17.00 each

Private lessons are NOT included in the discount scheme and must be paid independently of your termly fees by the date shown on your invoice.

Fox King Intensive Scheme

This allows talented students to attend a tailor-made training programme at a substantially reduced rate. It is designed for those seriously committed to an extensive dance education and a possible future career in dance. Intensive Scheme students may attend as many classes as they wish each week, including classes above their present level and classes at other FKDA branches.

Private lessons and Festival classes are NOT included in this scheme.

Junior Intensive is for students who only attend Grade classes. Senior Intensive is for students who attend Grade and Vocational classes. Vocational Intensive attend just Vocational classes. Fees for the Intensive Scheme must be paid by standing order over the 12 month period September-August. Students may only commence the Intensive Scheme at the beginning of a term. If for any reason a student decides to discontinue the scheme mid-term, the full terms fees are still due.